Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Well as much as a working wife and mother can manage I have been having a quilt-a-thon here lately. I have been staying off the computer and using my computer time to sew.

But first I needed to get my sewing area cleaned up. Since Christmas is over and Rodger is still off work we are doing some things around the house. We're planning to paint our bedroom this Spring so I'm looking at the changes I plan to make then. So I started with my sewing corner. I don't have a separate sewing room but we are blessed with a large enough bedroom that I can use a corner for sewing.

First I moved my rulers and cutting mats. And then Tasha came across this great piece of luggage that I had forgotten she had. It was my mom's so it's from around the 60s. It's a medium sized round case. It's not in the best of shape but it's great for putting quilts in. Most of the quilts in it are older baby quilts.

The quilts stacked beside it are mostly yard sale finds with one or two from eBay thrown in.

So here's how it ended up. Rodger gave me the chair for Christmas. I have a bad back and he said as much time as I spend there I needed a better chair (I was using one from the dining room). The wall hanging is the one I made to put my show pins on (be sure to check out my high tech fancy quilt hanger. lol.)

Once I was all set up it was time to quilt. At Christmas I found out my niece was having a baby - in January. So since January is almost over I decided I really ought to get moving on this quilt. I normally do very simply baby quilts. I want the quilts to get used and if they are too fancy I'm afraid they'll end up in a box in the closet. So I did a charm quilt. I knew the baby would be a girl but I didn't want to do the typical bubble gum pink you see for baby girls. So I did rosey colors and mossy greens. I did something different with this one - a totally random placement of the fabric. I think it looks nice (Rodger doesn't agree with me lol). Every thing went along fine until I did the binding. Since the quilt was very simple I decided to put the border on with a decorative stitch. What a nightmare. I didn't like the way it looked but taking it out was awful. I must have spent at least two hours pulling those stitches out. I decided to redo it with a straight stitch and even that gave me trouble. But I am happy to say that I finished it up Sunday night. And not a moment too soon because I got an email this morning that Rebekkah was born Monday morning.

With all the problems I had with this quilt I didn't get as much done on other projects as I would have liked. However I did get one block done on the log cabin I am starting. The first block actually. I got a great Judy Martin book for Christmas and the Kentucky Home pattern is the one I'm doing. I only got one block done Sunday but I got four more done yesterday and when I get finished here I'm going to go do a few more. I'm loving how this is turning out.

Well I'm off to get some more cleaning and sewing done. But before I go Thunder wanted to say hello. He's a bit tuckered out because he's been playing in the boys room.

Until next time, hugs and stitches. Jody

Thursday, January 15, 2009

First Finish of 2009

Woo Hoo! I've completed the first quilt of the year. It's a roosting robin I started last summer with my favorite online group.

I can tell this will be a favorite. Since I discovered fusible web I have fallen in love all over again with applique. And the colors are my favorite - green and pink with some black thrown in for some pop. And it's a roosting robin. I'm really enjoying doing the roosting and round robins. It's so much fun to make a quilt with a group but I just enjoy the format of a robin.

I have a plan to finish up another quilt on the to be quilted list rather quickly. I'm going to birth the spring quilt and tie it. Since it's a spring patterned fabric I decided to make it a lightweight thrown. I thought birthing a quilt was a well known term but some friends weren't aware of it so I'll explain quickly. You take the backing and lay it right sides together with the top. Then you stitch around the outside of the two layers and leave a space to turn it right side out. After you turn it you close up the opening and then you can quilt it, tie it or just leave it like it is.

The push to finish up some things is purely selfish - I have found some things I want to make. lol. It's my own fault for tempting fate. I had some magazines and books in my Daddy's attic since Christmas 2007. I brought them home a couple of weeks ago and sat down and looked through every single one of them. I weeded out all the "oh isn't that cute, I should make that" patterns and only kept the ones that I honestly think I will actually ever make. Decluttering is the goal and I'm going to list all my magazines and books that I can on eBay. Hopefully I'll sell them and cut down on my clutter and make a few dollars in the process.

A couple of new projects I will need to add to the list are a fireplace quilt. We ordered a fireplace last week. It's a portable one but it can be placed flat against the wall or in a corner. The plan is to try it both ways in different areas in the living room. Once we decide how we like it best Rodger will build us a custom fireplace. But we want a quilt to hang above it wherever it ends up. And we want a wallhanging for over our bed. We've been talking about this for some time - we want to repaint our room. It hasn't been painted since we moved in (more than 11 years ago) and it's white (gasp! lol). We'd like to try some color. Since we figure it's unlikely he'll be back to work before summer he's hoping to paint a few rooms as soon as it's nice enough to have the windows and doors open. The new project that started the ball rolling is an adorable sheep wallhanging in the current issue of Fons and Porter's Love of Quilting. I've never taken particular notice of sheep - as to like them or dislike them - but this wallhanging is so adorable. I want to change the colors a bit (leave out the red and replace it with green) and use it in my dining room.

Well my goodness I got a bit long winded there. lol. Quilting is a passion.

In other news Thunder has become a big boy. He had his first birthday a couple of weeks ago. We got him another bed like he got for Christmas. We got it for in the living room because the floors are hardwood and he loves it so much that we got him one for in the bedroom to use at night. Here he is showing his naughty side:

Until next time, hugs and stitches, Jody

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year

Well here it is - 2009. Finally here and with it a whole list of decisions to make. About quilting of course. lol.

It seems like I'm working a lot more even though my paycheck doesn't seem to reflect it. sigh. Well at least I have a job.

So I really had to take a hard look at the quilting to do list for 2009. I have so little time to quilt that I really needed to decide what I really, really wanted to do. I have seven that I really, really want to do this year. They are

1. Autumn Pumpkin/Scarecrow - this is a new sort for me in that the blocks are not all the same size so I need to fit it together and make some filler blocks.

2. Christmas Roosting Robin - I am so terribly thrilled with this quilt so far. I am doing the final border and I'm planning a very fancy, time consuming pattern and so I'm planning on it being a major project and leaving lots of time for it.

3. Joe's Quilt - Rodger and I are working on this together. We had planned to have it ready for him when he was hospitalized in the summer - so we are very far behind.

4. Tasha's graduation quilt. I really have a lot to do on this one. Everything in fact. I have one piece of the fabric but we don't have the pattern yet.

5. Mystery quilt. I am doing this for the second year for my favorite Yahoo group. I received the fabric as a Christmas gift and have it all cut and have even started piecing it. I'm hoping to have it done before the middle of January so I can get them the fabric requirements and get it set up as a mystery to start around the first of February.

6. Kentucky Home Log Cabin Quilt. I received the Judy Martin Log Cabins book for Christmas and knew immediately I would make this one. I'm headed to Joann's tomorrow after work for their 99 cent fq sale as the pattern calls for something like 50 of them.

7. Nativity quilt. I found a great pattern online for a wallhanging of a nativity and I want to enlarge it to a bed size quilt to do as my 2009 Christmas quilt.

I'm working on hand-quilting my Trip Around The World and my Sun Bonnet Sue.

I have three tops waiting to be quilted:

1. Double Irish Chain
2. Spring
3. Roosting Robin

I have the backing and as soon as I pick up the batting I'm going to do the Roosting Robin on the sewing machine.

Unfortunately I will need to put a few things on hold. I have put my fall log cabin, my schoolhouse with small blocks in the body of the house done in civil war repros and my black and gold lover's knot in boxes to be brought back out in the future.

I am going to make a commitment to do the things on this list before I do any other work at all. Easier said then done when people start sending me links to simply gorgeous quilts. lol.

Hugs and stitches, Jody