Wednesday, November 2, 2011


My last post I said I couldn't believe it had been so long since I posted - and this time it's even been longer. sigh.

The issue isn't that I'm not doing anything. The issue is that I'm doing bigger things so it takes longer to reach that somewhat illusive goal of a completed project.

However I have attained the prize!

This quilt started with a pattern that completely intrigued me. My closest friends will tell you "Jody is not a "scrappy" lover". But the fact is, this scrappy pattern pulled at me.

I thought of doing it as a Christmas quilt. There are a few kinds of scrappy I do like, mainly matching fabrics. For example, using red, white and blue fabrics only. Or using seasonal themed fabric. I could envision the quilt in Christmas fabrics. But I didn't have much Christmas fabric - trying to work from my stash. I did however have lots of Autumn fabrics. Autumn is my favorite season so I have many fabrics to work with that.

Quite a few of these fabrics were in my stash basket in 6 inch charms. I'm sure these came from a swap with the lovely ladies over at QWHT. I love fabric I get in these swaps. They make every thing made from them feel like a hug from a dear friend.

I debated how to quilt this. I so want to learn more machine quilting than what I do (which is basically straight lines). I decided to tie this one with buttons. It has 432 buttons on it. I'm thinking at some point I thought this might be the quickest way to get it all together. How wrong I was!

But the work is well worth it. To answer the oft asked question "where were you when ......" - I was piecing this top when the earthquake hit the Washington, DC area this past August.

This next project is not finished. Every now and then the girls and I over at QWHT do a mystery quilt. The clues are all out and it's time to post my picture.

Confession about this quilt. I had all the blocks made and laid out on my bed and decided I thought two of the fabrics would look better switched. So I pulled the blocks apart and remade them with the other fabrics. That is what this top is. And I have to say, I wish I had left it the way I had it the first time. The star pattern of the quilt fades the way I did it the second time. The star just really popped the way it was before.

I also finished my October SBS block. I got the neatest little hanging rack for it. You can get some really cute toppers for the rack - hmmmmm, is that a Christmas idea taking form? lol.

Thunder hasn't made an appearance for a while but here's a new photo. I wonder if he's trying to tell me he's bored with this whole quilting thing?

Until next time, hugs and stitches, Jody