Sunday, August 26, 2012


I've actually had a few mini quilt-a-thons in the past few weeks. Any time I had my two days off in a row I made sure one of those days was spent basically on quilting.

So here are a few of the things I've accomplished lately.

The first is a finish. This is a bow tie quilt that I still haven't named. I'm toying with Simple Romance.

Next is the center block for the round robin for my online quilt group. I had posted a while back a picture of the fabrics I was going to use and you might notice this block doesn't use a single one of them. There will be more about that later.

This is the block I'm sending on to my friend Joyce - hopefully this week:

And speaking of my friend Joyce.....This is my August SBS block. The delicious looking soda in front is the pin cushion Joyce sent me in our recent pin cushion swap.

I've been working on this year's Christmas quilt. Here are the first blocks:

And finally the story behind the post of my round robin fabric. I found something online I really, really liked. As I worked on the block I started to form ideas of what I would do next and what I would do after that - and after that. The ideas just came coming. I'll be honest - this is not the first time I have worked out a quilt on my own. But this is the first time it came to me so quickly and easily.

So here is the center:

And then the next round:

And the last round that I have a picture of:

Now if you took notice I said the last round I have a picture of. I have two more rounds on it. The last round needs a bit of embroidery to complete it. I still have two more rounds to do but I'm getting close to getting it done.

That's it for now. Until next time, hugs and stitches, Jody