Saturday, June 30, 2007

This blogging stuff will make me crazy

I wrote out an entire post, posted it, opened a new window to make sure it was there (it was) and then did another post. When it posted I couldn't find the other one I posted. Argh!

So anyhow the post was about all the work my dh has been doing as he has been laid off for 5 weeks. He's been very busy - working outside when it's not too hot. He painted the front door, porch and all the shutters on the house. He also handwashed the entire front of the house! He poured a new concrete step in front of the door from our bedroom to the outside of the house. He's going to do a brick walkway that will lead from the driveway, turn to that door and also continue straight to the "garbage garage" he's building for our trash and recycling cans. Also in the works are a basketball court and a clothesline.

When it got really hot he moved inside and built me this gorgeous spice rack into the back of my pantry door. Now he's putting up brick paneling in the kitchen and repainting (if I can decide what color I want).

recent quilting adventures

I'm so new to this blogging stuff that I have no clue how to add more than one picture at a time without them ending up in a row along the top. So that leads to another post today.

This is the most recent quilt I finished. It's a flip flop quilt that is very lightweight. I didn't use any batting and tied it. It's the first thing I've done an entire top with machine applique. I enjoyed it and I'm happy with how it turned out but I do need more practice.