Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year

Well here it is - 2009. Finally here and with it a whole list of decisions to make. About quilting of course. lol.

It seems like I'm working a lot more even though my paycheck doesn't seem to reflect it. sigh. Well at least I have a job.

So I really had to take a hard look at the quilting to do list for 2009. I have so little time to quilt that I really needed to decide what I really, really wanted to do. I have seven that I really, really want to do this year. They are

1. Autumn Pumpkin/Scarecrow - this is a new sort for me in that the blocks are not all the same size so I need to fit it together and make some filler blocks.

2. Christmas Roosting Robin - I am so terribly thrilled with this quilt so far. I am doing the final border and I'm planning a very fancy, time consuming pattern and so I'm planning on it being a major project and leaving lots of time for it.

3. Joe's Quilt - Rodger and I are working on this together. We had planned to have it ready for him when he was hospitalized in the summer - so we are very far behind.

4. Tasha's graduation quilt. I really have a lot to do on this one. Everything in fact. I have one piece of the fabric but we don't have the pattern yet.

5. Mystery quilt. I am doing this for the second year for my favorite Yahoo group. I received the fabric as a Christmas gift and have it all cut and have even started piecing it. I'm hoping to have it done before the middle of January so I can get them the fabric requirements and get it set up as a mystery to start around the first of February.

6. Kentucky Home Log Cabin Quilt. I received the Judy Martin Log Cabins book for Christmas and knew immediately I would make this one. I'm headed to Joann's tomorrow after work for their 99 cent fq sale as the pattern calls for something like 50 of them.

7. Nativity quilt. I found a great pattern online for a wallhanging of a nativity and I want to enlarge it to a bed size quilt to do as my 2009 Christmas quilt.

I'm working on hand-quilting my Trip Around The World and my Sun Bonnet Sue.

I have three tops waiting to be quilted:

1. Double Irish Chain
2. Spring
3. Roosting Robin

I have the backing and as soon as I pick up the batting I'm going to do the Roosting Robin on the sewing machine.

Unfortunately I will need to put a few things on hold. I have put my fall log cabin, my schoolhouse with small blocks in the body of the house done in civil war repros and my black and gold lover's knot in boxes to be brought back out in the future.

I am going to make a commitment to do the things on this list before I do any other work at all. Easier said then done when people start sending me links to simply gorgeous quilts. lol.

Hugs and stitches, Jody

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