Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Christmas Is Coming!!

Well I had intended to post a picture of my finished snowman quilt made from my swap blocks. But since I forgot to take the picture I suppose I will have to make do with the picture of the top pre-quilting.

The finished product isn't much different. I birthed it and used a fleece sheet as the backing. It's nice and warm without being heavy. And it's tied. The blocks are so lovely that I didn't want to take away from them with a lot of quilting.

Now on to Christmas. During the recent Blogger's Quilt Festival I saw a gorgeous Christmas quilt and I am attempting to recreate parts of it. It's an applique quilt with each block having a different Christmas motif. I'm using some of the ones the lady who posted it did and I'm making some different ones of my own. So far I have these three completed:

I'm adding a bit of embellishment to each block. I have two more close to complete but I still need to work on the embellishments a bit.

So that's what's been going on around here quilting-wise.

In other news my kitchen is done!! It's been two years in the making but it's done. I only have a picture of the one row of drawers:

These are the drawers between the stove and refrigerator. The cabinets are the real showstoppers. Rodger cut the center out of the doors and added chicken wire (did I mention it's a country kitchen?). They look FABULOUS! Pictures next time.

At long last Thunder is making an appearance!

Until next time, hugs and stitches. Jody

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Fran and Nicola said...

Nice quilting and great cupboard. I bet you're really happy.