Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Graduation - Part Two

We are home from Tasha's graduation. We had rain so it was held indoors. Through some mix-ups and situations beyond our control a good bit of the family was missing. However, Grandma Voron and Tasha's friend Ashley (who now lives in Ohio) were there. And when we got home we found out that Tasha's god-father and his friend came in a bit late (and without tickets) but were able to get seats in the auditorium to watch the tv feed.

So here are a few pictures:

The proud graduate (this is in front of our house).

The graduating class of 2009. They had about 330 graduate but only about 280 were allowed to participate in the ceremony.

Mom and Dad are so proud.

And the promised picture of Thunder - who has suddenly become camera shy.

Until next time, hugs and stitches. Jody

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