Friday, September 21, 2007

Since I updated you last

I started and finished two more tops. I always say I won't start anything new until I finish up something but I was working on some Autumn swap blocks and these three fabrics were laying together and I thought they would make an awesome rail fence quilt. So I whipped it up - miscalculating the fabric I would need I ended up going to the store four times. lol. But I love the way it turned out. I doubt I'll have it quilted in time to use this year but there's always next year.

I also did a Christmas quilt. I have a snowman one I am working on and it's so cute but with all the tiny pieces I have my doubts I can finish it for this year. So my dear friend Barb had given me a few blocks. It's so neat how these quilting projects work out. For the snowman quilt I needed small pieces of Christmas fabrics for the scarves and with 20 different snowmen I didn't want to have to get 20 different fabrics so I asked the awesome ladies on the QWHT group if they had any small print pieces that they could send me. I got such lovely pieces from many of the ladies. In with the pieces Barb sent me were some finished quilt blocks that she thought I might tear apart to use the fabrics for the scarves. But I decided to just make more of the blocks and it resulted in this quilt:

I'm not really into scrappy but I think this one looks nice.

Other quilting projects I have worked on include two round robins - I can't post pictures of them now because the ladies I did the work for just might try to get a peek at them and they need to be surprised. So next year - when they make their way back to their owners - I will post pictures of all the rounds I did on the round robins.

Until next time - hugs and stitches.


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She sure is strange! said...

Wow!! I really love the Christmas one, the fabrics are soooo cute!! Why did I not remember you had a blog?? I'll have to add yours and Barb's, Deb's, and Susan's to my links section.