Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Here we are again - a month later

I'm not doing so well at posting weekly - well I guess I am posting weakly. I suppose as I get more comfortable with this stuff maybe I'll post more often. Maybe it's just that there's no news to post. lol. But the past month has been very full. We got Ryan off to college the last weekend of August with the truck loaded to the top.

We learned two very important lessons on our first foray into moving into the dorms - if moving times are 12-4 don't go before 2. We got there at 1 and had to wait in the truck in line for a parking place. Then we couldn't get close to the curb (where you were to unload and there were student helpers to help you carry your things in) so we had to drag everything through the parking lot and carry it all ourselves. Well, Rodger and Ryan carried it all - Cassie and I stayed with the stuff still in the parking lot. Ryan's roommate came at 2:00 and was able to park right in front of the door to the dorm and was unloaded in no time. The second thing is take a dolly. We have two and didn't even think to take one with us. Carrying that little refrigerator was a bit awkward. There was a really nice couple I was talking to while we were waiting and they let us borrow theirs for the last large box we had. Next time we will remember our dolly - when we don't show up until after 2.

On the quilting front I have been working a lot on swap stuff. I'm doing two round robins on two separate groups. I did a basket of flowers for the QWHT group

and a Sunbonnet Sue for TQS.

I'm also working on log cabin blocks for a TQS swap. I did manage to finish up one quilt that I'm calling Confetti. I plan to sandwich my row by row from QWHT's swap today - it's my last top to quilt. I guess that means I need to get another top finished so I'll have something to quilt once that one is done. I'm working on a snowman quilt for Christmas this year.

I guess that's all the excitement for now. Until next time, hugs and stitches.

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