Thursday, September 27, 2007

I've been bitten

by the crochet bug. And I'm blaming this on my friend Molly. Between her projects and some blogs I found linked from her blog I feel the urge to crochet an afghan. I used to do this before I started quilting. I made at least one a year - during the winter to keep warm. It all started with my mom and she's been on mind a lot lately. She made ripple afghans to keep herself from snacking. She whipped them out so fast and they were so lovely. She never did anything but ripples so that's what I have an urge to make. However as I was looking around for a pattern I found a different pattern that I really like so I think I will grab a skein of yarn - I'm thinking soft pink - and work on that. As if I don't already have enough projects in the works. lol. But this one is called "brain dead" because it's supposed to be very easy. Back in the day I could crochet a pattern I was familiar with without even looking at what I was doing and I have hopes I can do this one that way and then I could work on it while I help the kids with their homework. So I'm off to Bible study (we're doing the Mayberry study and I love it) and to pick up a skein of yarn on the way home.

Until next time, hugs and stitches.



BarbC said...

I am jealous! I want to learn to crochet. My grandmother crochetted afghans all the time. I have one that is navy with bright colored granny squares... all wool! Why on earth she made a wool afghan for use down here in the hot humid south I will never know! LOL! It is huge and gorgeous, but rarely gets used. There are so many yummy yarns now a days, I am thinking I could snitch from my DD's knitting stash! Just need to learn. Hey.... post the link for the brain dead afghan, please, or email it to me. Barb

She sure is strange! said...

Oh no, I've corrupted you!! I taught myself to crochet in May 2005 and have just now gotten to where I can read a pattern(a simple one that is). The ripple I found was the Susan B's Easy Ripple, you can google it, and I hardly had to rip at all. Starting out I'd get off a stitch every few rows but after I'd done about 20, it came naturally to me.

Crochet is the prefect mindless project, no getting up and down to press or sew, no changing bobbins, no dragging out cutting boards and equipment. I love it! And still love quilting too.

Barb, you can teach yourself, it is NOT hard.