Friday, February 12, 2010

The Blizzard Continues

As if one storm wasn't bad enough, we got whacked with another one just days later. So of course this presents all sorts of time in the house looking for something to do. What a great time for a quilt-a-thon!!!

Well it would be if I didn't have dishes and laundry and family wanting attention and.... But I did manage to get a couple of things done.

I have long wanted to do a school house quilt and replace the section where the windows are with a small quilt block. I've actually started it a number of times and not really been happy with the results. But I'm a glutton for punishment so I'm trying it again. I have such trouble with the roof section. I hate templates and I really dislike adding things to the side of a triangle because no matter how careful I am I always end up with way too much at the top or the bottom.

This is the completed first block. Of course everything doesn't line up as well as I'd like but I'm hoping by the time I get to the last one I'll have tweaked it to be just as I want it.

I have actually spent a good bit of time sewing. But I really don't have much finished to show for it because I've been hand quilting this:

I did finish one thing. As I've been doing a lot of hand quilting I have been spending a lot of time cutting thread and threading needles. I have a number of pincushions (from swaps) but I have them in a cabinet and didn't want to use them. So I made this one:

The picture isn't really clear so you probably can't see the button in the center. I was going through my buttons looking for just the right one and then there it was - it has a snowflake in the center of it. I thought that was just perfect for my snowy day (or week as the case may be lol) project.

Thunder is loving all the snow.

Until next time, hugs and stitches. Jody

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