Thursday, October 11, 2007

Traditional Quilting

Well I have done it again - started another project. I had been looking at the quilts I've made and thinking about making some more "traditional" quilts for quite some time. Then I went to the local quilt guild meeting Monday night. The speaker did a trunk show and she had some gorgeous traditional pattern quilts. So I was inspired to get started on one. I looked through my magazines and books and kept coming back to the Double Irish Chain. All those tiny squares sort of intimidate me because I worry about getting them all to line up straight. But if you don't try, you don't stretch yourself and you don't get better. So last night I started a Double Irish Chain.

So you know when you want to start a new quilt you need two basic things - a pattern and fabric. The pattern was taken care of so it was on to picking the fabric. I found these and decided they were perfect.

Next was lots and lots of straight stitching to get strips.

Then you have to take all those lovely strips and cut them up.

But after you cut the strips up you sew them back together and end up with lovely blocks.

Well that's two blocks down - 61 more to go. lol. And since I only made one strip set of each formation there's still lots and lots of cutting and strip piecing. But in the end can you imagine the gorgeous quilt I will have!

Until next time - hugs and stitches.



BarbC said...

Your blocks look great! I love the colors you have chosen.. nice subtle shading. So when will this be done? I want to make sure I am home when the UPS man delivers it to my door! Barb

Jennifer said...

Love the fabrics you chose! The vine looks like it winds in and around the 2 shades of blue ... beautiful! Look forward to watching your progress.

carrie said...

Lovely, Jody. One of those is on my list or perhaps I should just swoop and grab it before Barb does LOL

Jody said...

Okay you greedies. lol. This one is for me. lol. Although you know Barb, I have told you many times if you want to come up here I'd be happy to give you a quilt. You just have to come here to get it. lol.

She sure is strange! said...

Wow, that is going to be pretty in my living room!! I may have to go steal it from Barb huh? I can beat Carrie, I feel sure!


ps I answered your hair question on my blog comments section.