Sunday, August 25, 2013

Finally.....some finishes

Every time I complete something, whether it's a top or an entire quilt, I update a log I keep. One night when updating that I had finished another top, I realized I had seven, SEVEN!! tops that needed quilted. So, I stopped piecing and started quilting.

And here are the fruits of my labor:

This one I have been working on for years - in different forms. I started with Civil War repros but I couldn't get the houses to line up properly - mainly the roofs. Then I started in blues - and had the same problem. sigh. This time I did browns and I appliqued the roofs rather than piecing them.

But of course I ran into issues. sigh. The decorative stitch I was using to do the applique decided it wouldn't cooperate anymore. I only had seven blocks of the 12 I was planning to make. So the twin size quilt because a wall hanging and I added two log cabin blocks. I'm happy with how it turned out.

My quilt guild does two retreats every year. One year, a lot of the girls came home with scalloped edged quilts. Simple yet lovely quilts - some were novelty fabric in the center, some had panels. Then there were two borders with the final border being rather wide and then the WOW of the quilt - scalloped edges. I fell in love. So I made a couple. My "quilt hangers" were less than enthusiastic about helping so the quilts aren't exactly straight but I think you can still get the idea.

This one I call On A Cold Winter's Day:

And this one is Snoopy's Fall Dance:

This next one I made with fabrics the kids got me for Mother's Day:

One of my friends posted a stunning block she found on someone's blog. I, of course, changed the colors and came up with this:

And the final finish was my round robin car cover, er, um, quilt that I made with the best quilting group on the web.

The Schoolhouse is hand quilted. The round robin is birthed and the other four were machine quilted.

Feels good to finally finish up a few things. Now I only have one I'm quilting now, two on the to be quilted pile and three things I'm piecing. And of course the ideas, oh the ideas! lol.

Until next time, Hugs and Stitches. Jody