Saturday, January 28, 2012

A Quilt Show

I just realized I never posted pictures of my December SBS block and this year's Christmas project.

So here's my December SBS block:

Every year Tasha and I make a Christmas project. When there is time and money, we make them for everyone in the family. This year, she made one (well, she's still working on hers) and I made one.

Now on to the quilt show. This weekend was the annual Mennonite Central Committee quilt auction preview. Lots of beautiful quilts but not lots of space. So a good portion of the quilts are folded and hung on racks - racks that are pretty close together, making it rather hard to get a good picture but I managed to get a few.

This is something I am considering for a Christmas quilt for this year:

This is my pick for large quilt:

This was my pick for wall hanging as well as my inspiration quilt:

I always find at least one quilt I want to make for myself. This is a concept I have worked on more than once. Start with a schoolhouse block but instead of the house section with the windows, replace that with a traditional quilt block. I started it in Civil War repros, I started it in shades of blue. Neither time did I like how it turned out. But I am inspired to try again. I have a different idea of how to make it work and hopefully this will turn out as I want it to be.

Until next time, hugs and stitches. Jody

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