Saturday, July 16, 2011

Quilt Show

Tasha and I attended the annual Chambersburg Quilt Guild show yesterday. It was titled Not Your Grandmother's Quilt and they had some lovely quilts.

Here are a few versions of last year's mystery quilt:

A very pretty offering from the small quilts category:

My "lady bug" with a lady bug quilt:

There were cute little lady bugs on this quilt that I believe were actually earrings.

This one was called Butterflies and Lady Bug and the tag said something about how there were all the butterflies but where was the lady bug? We looked and looked and could not find it anywhere - until we went around the display to the quilts on the other side and discovered the lady bug was on the label on the back. I love how the flowers overlap the fence:

The guild's challenge for this year was "wings". This was my pick of the projects:

This one used hand dyed fabrics:

This one was gorgeous but it was from a previous year (someone from this year was unable to supply the quilt they promised so this was a "filler") so it couldn't be voted as viewer's choice:

It was made by the same lady who made the challenge quilt I liked.

This was a cute one:

Just my style - fall colors and a piano key border (I loooove a piano key border):

These fabrics are right up my alley:

This one just screams ME!! My friend Barb would probably fight me for it. lol. It was a close second for my pick of the show:

Simply gorgeous:

My pick for large viewer's choice:

I've seen it in many catalogs and a lady in my guild made one - just a classic beauty.

My pick for small viewer's choice:

So very tiny - only about the size of a piece of notebook paper.

What a fabulous collection of quilts. Many thanks to the Chambersburg Quilt Guild for producing such a lovely show.

Until next time, hugs and stitches. Jody

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