Sunday, February 3, 2008

It's Home!!

My round robin has come home and I am thrilled with it. Since this was my first round robin I decided I would just jump the whole way out on the limb and I did an applique center.

First I have to mention the wonderful group I did this with. Because I have lost things in online swaps before I always hesitate before sending away something I have really labored over. So normally I would have had a hard time sending it off. But these ladies are like my sisters. The lady at the post office would ask me every time "do you want delivery confirmation?" and I would say no - Joyce is not going to say it didn't get there if it did. I don't have that kind of confidence with everyone, unfortunately. And when Frances said she was sending me something I knew that within a few days a package would be in my mailbox.

So here is my completed round robin:

I obviously did the applique basket of flowers in the center. Next it went to Joyce for the framed border, then on to Julie who did the checkerboard. Julie, being our resident applique expert was disappointed that she didn't get to do applique on mine. So she took my label and put an applique border around it. It's beautiful.

After Julie it went to Susan who did an applique round. Then Barb got it. She had to put triangles on it so she put pinwheels in the corners. And she appliqued some butterflies. And then it went on to Frances who pulled it all together with her final round.

They all did such a wonderful job. I can't thank them enough for the beautiful quilt they made me.

In other quilting news I am doing a mystery quilt for this lovely group of ladies. So I have been working on the sample. These ladies are so enthusiastic that I love working with them.

Until next time, hugs and stitches. Jody

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