Thursday, January 10, 2008

At long last

there's a new quilt. Sort of. It's just the top but I am way ahead of schedule because this is my Christmas 2008 quilt.

I haven't named this one yet. I got the fabrics from a couple of online swaps. The pattern is called Cheaper By The Dozen. I didn't get the pattern book - I've never even seen it up close. I just looked at the cover online and figured out how to make the blocks but I believe the "Dozen" is for the number of fat quarters you need to make it. I made mine a bit larger than the one I saw. Mine is 4 blocks by 5 blocks (the one I saw was 3 by 4 - so maybe the dozen is for how many blocks you finish with).

I'm thinking of getting some light colored fabric for the backing and some colored thread and using my new machine's stipple stitch to quilt it.

Yes that's right. My new machine. I got a new machine for Christmas. Now remember I'm just a simple country girl so there are no Janomes or Berninas for me. It's a Brother CS 6000i. I have been using a Brother for the past three or four years and I love them. But I wanted a blanket stitch and the old one didn't have it. This new one has 60 different stitches. I did a sample of the stipple and it looks great but before I start quilting a quilt I want to play around a bit - changing the size and such.

I have been keeping busy but I've been doing mostly round robins and I can't post those here until they are back to their owners. Oh wait, Julie has hers back so let's see if I can find my picture of that one.

Okay - this is what I received in the mail:

And this is what it looked like after I added my round:

Julie did the leaves in the center. The it went to Kymberli - who was supposed to do a framed border. She did the acorns framed in turquoise. Then it went to Susan who was to do a two color border. She did the orange and brown with the bear's paws in the corners. Barb got it next and she put on the brown border. Then on to Frances who did the appliqued pumpkins and leaves. The requirement for my row was to use triangles. So I echoed Susan's round and did a plain border with bear's paws blocks in the corners. Then it went on to Joyce to put on the final border before going on to Julie. I am so proud to be working with this group of very talented ladies.

I am having so much fun with this swap. I have Joyce's now and I'm doing her final border.

Until next time, hugs and stitches.


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