Saturday, July 20, 2013


Two of my favorite words when put together. lol.

Today Tasha and I went to the Chambersburg quilt show. It's a rather small show - done in a church basement - no vendors, no admission price, no show pins :0( We do like our show pins. lol.

But there were lots of cute quilts.

This one is a 9/11 tribute. The lady who made it used her son's military uniform - her husband used to be a firefighter.

This one uses handkerchiefs as the scarves:

These must have been a workshop because there were so many of them - I found it interesting that one of them said it was her "own original design" and the first thing she ever designed. I'm guessing she meant the placement because there were at least a half dozen similar.

The dresden plates are three dimensional and oh so cute.

I absolutely love this one! There are such cute little buttons and embellishments on it.

A cute patriotic one:

This was my favorite one - this is the back - each square has a recipe on it:

And this is the front - the recipes on the back go with the pictures on the front - there are things like chicken cacciatore, chicken caesar, etc.

This was a shop hop quilt. I like the unusual combination of colors.

This one had some button embellishments too.

So pretty:

This one had a lot of embellishments too.

The animals on this are machine embroidered. I so would love to have an embroidery machine.

I like this one mainly because of the quilting in the black squares. The maker of this quilt was either 16 or 18 years old.

And here's the detail of one of the black squares with the quilting.

It was a nice show. I'm thinking of maybe joining this guild in the fall. I've thought of it before but they meet on a Saturday - which was all but impossible for me when I was at WM. But now.....

Until next time, hugs and stitches. Jody